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Korn Ferry is a management consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1969 and as of 2019, operates in 104 offices in 52 countries and employs 8,678 people worldwide. Korn Ferry trades through three business segments: Korn Ferry Executive Search, Korn Ferry Advisory, and Korn Ferry RPO and Professional Search.

Amber Mack angrily mentioned, "This woman who works for Korn Ferry is a open racist. I cannot along with others support such a company that employs someone who laughs at black people dying."


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Former Employee - Recruitment Account Manager (RAM) says

"I couldn’t admit how toxic the environment was at futurestep until I was out. You feel the desperation from the brand in how they work between their clients & their employees. The culture is based on escalation. What this means is absence of accessible leadership until the client escalates an issue which lead to this happening even for small things like a request to pull a resume. Then, with limited information leadership steps in to demand immediate priority of whatever issue. With a workload of 50+ reqs and these escalations happening each day throughout the day, this creates a lot of chaos and unnecessary levels of stress vs. pushing back on the client in some situations and implementing processes to help guide the client. Even my family comments on how unhealthy my lifestyle was when I worked there. We are all glad that that’s over!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"To be clear, this is a review of Korn Ferry Futurestep from a candidate's perspective. I went through a 7 month process of being interviewed, re-interviewed, assessed, etc., etc. with no clear conclusion, for a relatively senior role in the company. While I was genuinely enthusiastic about the role at the beginning, the lack of communication, absence of any direction, and the fact that I had to chase them, turned me off completely. This might be par for the course in other companies, in fact most companies. But in a talent acquisition company, it's absolutely unacceptable. If they treat their clients' candidates the way they treat their own candidates, I can't imagine they'll hold onto those clients for very long."

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"If anyone is considering working for K/F Futurestep at this location, look no further-Read here! First off, I am not a disgruntled employee. This is a culture-oriented company. I will say this, being here for years now and management will select you, overwork you and then spit you out as if you’re worthless. I am convinced that K/F Futurestep is led by white supremacist. This has to be one of the most internally segregated companies ever. They racially profile if you are not from Beverly Hills and they base their decisions on whether they like you or not. There are tons of brown nosing, snobs and if you do not fit in the Beverly Hills snob culture, they will either fire you or place you on a project where there is conflicting personalities causing friction. You will either become frustrated with management and resign on your own(their discreet motive) or you will ultimately be fired, simply because the project manager or directors do not like you. I have seen it happen to too many employees. Management collectively holds discussions about their likes and dislikes. The director at this location is a snob and she favors certain Talent Academy and Search employees. If you want to witness lots of brown-nosing, flakes and high school gossiping amongst management mostly – work here! Since the big change in leadership back in 2014, there has been a huge employee rotation and replaced with Talent Academy(fresh college grads who they can manipulate). So many hard working good people have quit which is a reflection of the treatment from leadership. Another concern is that you work on a temporary project and once it ends, all of your PTO and sick days simply just sits there accumulating because you have to constantly change projects and regain credibility and reintroduce yourself as if you are the new employee. Leadership does not care whether you vacation or take time out for yourself. They only care about themselves and their list of favorite employees who they continue to promote endlessly. There are absolutely no growth opportunities unless the director favors you despite your skills and dedication. The company does not provide enough tools yet stress the urgency in #’s. The numbers and expectations is complete absurdity and unrealistic. This company is a joke. Leadership has only one person in their mind, themselves. They will throw anyone under the bus and coworkers will step on your toes in order to move ahead. Every man for themselves at this company unless you are in management. The only group where everyone who resembles each other and supports one another, cohesively and at all times even if it is wrong. Leadership is merely on their own agenda. If I could give this place a negative 100, I would. One of the worst places to work. Whichever 5 star comments you read on here was most likely written by management. They are that powerful and manipulative. What a disgrace. I feel sorry for those I left behind who are still experiencing the never-ending mental torture."


"1. The ONE LinkedIn account was shared with 25 other recruiters who did not have direct access to the LI account. Only 1 sourcing strategist was allowed to pull the information. 2. They failed to tell me that the project was 10 months behind schedule when I joined the team. 3. The team was only me and 3 others were added later and dismissed within 30 days. 4. How can you deliver 97% of the project within a remaining time frame of 17%? 5. The expectation was for you to work 60 hours per week and only be paid for 40 hours per week. The project specs did not allow for hours beyond 40. RIDICULOUS!!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"First of all, I am not what you call a disgruntled employee. I was not fired and left on my own terms. I found a better job paying way more than Futurestep would ever pay me. If you're looking for income based on experience and to be paid what you're worth then keep looking. The pay is low compared to other companies in the industry. This is also not Korn/Ferry which is very unfortunate. There are recruiters, recruiting coordinators, talent acquisition specialists, sourcing specialists and search associates. You work on projects as a team or independently. The management team is horrible. They will speak down to you and will be rude. They play favorites and talk behind employees backs and laugh at them in their offices. They are not available because their doors are always closed. If your a favorite brownnoser then you can get their time and spend hours behind closed doors with them. If you have questions then you just have to wait or find someone else to ask. This makes it difficult when a team lead has been fired and you have noone to go to and are constantly told to ask your pm. Certain employees will report back to management anything they say or hear just to get ahead. If I am working on a project I do not need another talent acquisition specialist bossing me around and trying to make me look bad so they can look good to management. I had employees talk down to me and be so aggressive that I no longer could deal with it. My ideas were stolen and believed to be theirs. This is not someone that you put in any kind of lead role. What's awful is that this employee wasn't even in a lead role or a management role. They just thought they were and management created a monster and continues to let them act like a monster. I got tired of never getting any recognition or attention for any of my hard work. Too much moving around from project to project and being treated like dirt by other employees that wanted to get ahead at the expense of others. The environment is no better than kindergarten. I was able to move into a better situation and be appreciated while earning great money which I deserve. I have an actual job that is drama free and work with people that want to help and see me succeed and not fail. I wish I had learned more at Futurestep but it is a time that I regret spending"

Current Employee - PRI says

"The firm has branded itself as a talent management consultancy (see website) The firm is a search firm that has broadened its product portfolio with a series of acquisitions including PDI, Global Novations, Lominger and FutureStep among others. The vast majority of the Leadership and Talent Consulting practice revenue is driven by product related sales - mostly assessment (PDI) competency related (Lominger) and training (Global Novations) The professionals coming from these acquired companies are highly educated and talented. They are equally limited in their experience with broader talent consulting let alone organization development experience or qualifications. The marketing department is way out ahead of the groups actual capability touting the firm as the new kid in town The leaders in charge of building a broader capability come from these product based companies as well and have not built a practice of this scale so it's really a mess They are very good at recruiting you in emphasizing the opp to build the practice but you should ask about the following: Governance - the CFO controls the practice and demonstrates a lack of experience building a consultancy. Remember that's in addition to being a public company. Partnership - being a partner is a title only. The partners do not work together to build the practice, develop its people or define the practice's future. Access to opportunities - even if you bring relationships you cannot avoid working with the mostly narrowly experienced people from the acquired organizations they have assigned as industry or client leads. These people tend to sell what they are familiar with and be threatened by new people with broader capability. There are few exceptions to this and considering all the search relationships very little green field to build a book of business. The search partner thing is what you would expect - highly variable 're understanding talent and preparing for a meeting with their clients can be a time consuming nightmare. Sales target - Principles and Partners have a sales target of up to 2M/year which at first seems easy until you realize there is absolutely no leverage - few to no consultants to help unless you are selling products where you sell, others deliver and yet another group manages the project. They have lifted and installed the model from PDI. So you need to sell 2M per year, if so make a maybe 100k bonus on top of your 240k base and remember you deliver most of the work. If you are a product pusher and that turns your crank you are in much better shape. The system forces you to sell product - assessments, competency models, training rograms - you get the drill (2014 bonuses paid in June 2014 far below 100k target. I sold 1.8, delivered 90 percent of the work and got 30k and a promotion - huh?) Integrity is the most significant issue - the firm literally does not use its own tools. There is no formal onboarding, almost all training is overview of product and how to sell it, hierarchal performance management, no assessment of leaders ( hardest one to stomach as they are literally impacting the careers of 1000s of professionals as they report assessment results to executives, CEOs and Board. Really concerning) If you are considering this firm because of its potential that makes sense. If you think you can join as a new person and affect change against these practices brought by the acquired organizations and entrenched by the appointment of them at every point of market access and leadership - your mom is right, you really are amazing."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Think of everything negative you can about an employer and you'll have Futurestep. Disorganized, favoritism, 0 development, no raises, horrible work life, rude senior managers, huge turnover. Just stay away from this place unless you are desperate."

Current Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Just like people are often friendly, they are also very phony. Seems like if you aren't kissing butt, chances of growth opportunity for you is very slim. Diversity on the floor is okay but what about the office? Not one black person is qualified enough to be placed in an office? really? There are lots of Michelle Obamas who needs to be acknowledged and rewarded that exist, it all goes back to kissing butt and faking it until you make it. Seems like behind the scenes, color blends with color regardless of where you are from. Team leads treating one coordinator different than another simply because one is a minority, while praising the other. You can be from Ukrain, heavy accent, not be qualified enough but because you are of the same color as management, you are immediately qualified and placed in an office. For blacks, it will reach a lifetime, sadly to say. Additionally, As a Sourcer, coordinator, you work your behind off but yet upper management will always return with a blame and pointing fingers. I witnessed a colleague inadvertently make one mistake and you bet recruiters and upper management was on her like white on rice. Upper management had once informed a (black)colleague that they will watch his every move since he was new to a new client. For whites, I am sure they never are told this. Disturbing to have to initiate this black and white conversation but we can not pretend as if it does not exist."

Former Employee - Managing Consultant says

"Toxic culture and have never worked anywhere where everyone (and I mean everyone) moans constantly about how much they dislike working there. They have a number of senior staff that have rejoined KF after leaving in the past to go off to greener pastures and been lured back by the size of salaries that KF will pay. These are the most depressing people of all - laughable really how KF still have them employed. The new ‘One KF’ is just smoke and mirrors for the clients benefit...internally there is no alignment or appetite for The executive search guys to work with Futurestep and vice versus and as for HAY Group...I was unable to actually find anyone from KF who could explain to me what they do."

Current Employee - Recruiter says

"This detailed review is a combination of Several Ex/current employees experiences in the TDC (Talent Delivery Centre) in Manchester over 18 months. • The first negative many see on arrival, is the poor set up and poor training and onboarding. Many people reported of not having a laptop and/or a phone for several weeks. • We have seen recruiter's receive all sorts of abuse from colleagues in Manchester and London with no action done, rather it was kept quiet and away from the likes of the relevant managers and other London based Manager's. These include: - Casual racism, death threats, threats of violence, casual homophobia and misogyny • One of the longstanding internal recruiters has been known to have given some verbal abuse and bullied one other long-standing recruiter •The slow realisation that the money is what keeps the Recruiters there as there is no progression unless you are a love interest or a mate of one of the manager's.This has been known wide spread in Manchester and it’s become a running theme of conversation in London and Manchester • The other managers are known for their surly behaviour, false promises and a complete apathetic view towards escalating these issues to protect their backsides. • The Managers who manage the Recruiters on various accounts have been known to be so abusive that some recruiters have been that distressed they have had to be pulled off the account. The Internal Korn Ferry Managers managing the recruiters on their accounts are uninterested, treat you like a commodity and ask you to help them with their projects but they take all the credit. The communication is terrible between managers and recruiters. Sometime waiting several days before that happens. Progression plans are non-existent and many recruiters cannot see an end game. • Many false promises are made. Many competent Recruiters and Graduates have been promised new accounts and graduates have been in tears because the move never came into fruition. Recruiters have been promised by internal managers that they will be allocated to a new account and other senior recruiters have been begged to come onto a new account under a new manager, but those promises are never delivered due to the sign off not being with them and the manager having no real power or influence. • The Place has grown so much over the last year it has changed the whole ethos and dynamic/working relationship of the recruiters. Many who were friends now don’t see their colleagues and the environment has turned into a call centre where all the great work that is done in Manchester is not acknowledged and in effect the building has become a chicken factory. Many are unhappy that this has now become their work life of no progression and no appreciation. • There are Recruiters there that are on hugely inflated salaries and are either never in the office due to “sickness” or are scraping by on an account which doesn’t seem to care what the quality of work is. One recruiter was in a situation where he had his work load cut about 75% for no reason at all for 6 months and essentially had no work to do. Again managers didn’t react. Seened uninterested in resolving this which showed how they as usual don't care the funnelling away of their clients money for full time recruiters. • One Recruiter had to leave without notice even though he was verbally promised an extension on his contract and his weeks’ notice was not given. There was a lot of contract and minor illegality I'm sure. • Another competent recruiter was mysteriously asked to leave the business immediately after we were told he just wasn't needed. We found out the official "Manchester managers" story for his manager cronies was that the recruiter was“underperforming” . The recruiter was never made but made clear of what the reasons were nor was there any evidence of agreed development plans, KPIs or disciplinary procedures. if that was the case of dismissal, I'm sure contractually that should have been another minor illegality. It now appears that one of the managers who removed the recruiter, was not wanting their own manager to be told about the wrong doings and issues this recruiter had on the account and other false promises just to protect himself from any questions or actions. The discussion was not brought up with any other managers also and it seems it was done quietly. • The calibre and expectations of the clients are sometime so ridiculous and untenable that the recruiters can’t enjoy their work because of sometimes strict and ever-changing policies. • A leading figure visited us recently and when several of us asked questions about the future and maintaining the “vision” and they struggled and couldn’t answer basic questions or tip-toed round them like a politician. They were asked about Growth, Brexit, Hay Group/Futurestep. • Several recruiters and two managers also left a major account due to the problems and constant firefighting and changes that they had enforced on them from bizzare policies. The time spent on many of the accounts was short because of this reason."

Management Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Typical work days were 12 hours days with little to no appreciation for hard work. Sell a service that isn't really delivered. Have people right out of college doing most of the work in which they aren't qualified for."

Senior Recruiter (Current Employee) says

"Leadership of the RPO accounts is very poor and new. The weekly or bi-weekly reviews with management included hi, how are you doing, how is your dog vs. what are your career goals, what can i help you develop, are there any projects you would like to be aligned with. Just very poor and junior management. PM's are serving as Staffing Managers when they have zero leadership experience."

RPO Services - EMEA Region (Former Employee) says

"There are some really good people here, and they have managed to garner some impressive RPO Clients But that gets lost in the nightmare that is working at KF, The managers here couldn't organize a Drink in a brewery. The EMEA HQ in London is a toxic environment where gossip and backstabbing are the favorite methods of management. They obsess with what is needed to "Fit In" at Futurestep but with no clear definition of what that is. Lots of managers "working remotely" (Missing in action) Human Resources is a total catastrophe, To call the HR leadership incompetent is an insult to incompetence, The amount of turnover is epic as anyone with half a brain either flees or is forced out because management feels threatened by competence Their much touted "Talent Academy" is a slow Bataan Death March of powerpoint slides that will have you considering fast food jobs as a more viable career choice. The American ownership is determined to cookie cut all the regions into one image globally, which, given the abysmal level of talent they have managing things in Europe is probably a good idea. If given the choice of working for KF Futurestep or spending a week walking barefoot on loose legos.... Go for the Legos. You'll be happier.some good people, decent locationEverything else.. avoid this place like Ebola"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Expect yearly reorganization of departments, change in managers and high turnover of team members. Also, expect to not receive merit increases even if you are one of the top performers.Paid time off from Christmas to New Years.High healthcare package cost, poor management, lack of career development, high turnover"

Sr. Recruiting Coordinator/Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Run for the hills!! They promise you teamwork, no time in seat for advancement, hard work will be rewarded. NONE of it is true. Leadership could not buy a clue!NoneLeadership needs to go back to basics, just ask what the turnover looks like, people are walking out in thier first week"

Senior Associate (Current Employee) says

"This has got to be one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. The lack of integrity is astonishing year in, year out. They say things to keep employees quiet, but they have no intention of ever meeting these commitments. We are in the business of coaching companies on how to attract and retain top talent, however we do not practice what we preach. The benefits are mediocre, the merit increases are practically non-existent and bonuses are pathetic. If we were a client, we would be strongly cautioned that we are in danger of losing our best talent! There is no professional development available. If I want training from Korn Ferry, I sign up for courses offered to our clients since we don't offer them to our employees.Great access to many job boards so that you can look for another jobPretty much everything"

Associate Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Decent amount of red tape and politics. Challenging place to work at. Not very encouraging management. More encouraging environment needed. To much work pressure.Safe place to work atLong hours"

Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Projects are oversold and there are too many meetings - the work product expectation of recruiters and coordinators is not reasonable. The churn of co-workers and hand-off of work is surprising for a company of their size. As soon as you get comfortable working with a co-worker, it seems they are laid-off."

Finance Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Your project leader and team leader will lie on you when they are at fault as well as monitor how many times you go to the bathroom or break room. I f you want to work in oppression then this is the place for you.Easy commuteUpper management sucks and WILL offer you as a sacrificial lamb."

Sr.Recruiter - Remote (Former Employee) says

"The projects with clients are not set up correctly. KF focuses too much on selling services to clients and then understaff’s the accounts. Every account I worked on was like this. Ridiculous!! This does not create a good experience for the client and creates frustration for all involved. The recruiters are not always given proper tools but are expected to use a KF created tool that is not adequate and not helpful to recruiters who have a heavy workload and niched positions. In addition to heavy work loads KF continuously adds administrative work to the recruiters which does not leave time fto adequately partner with client or passively source when necessary. Bottom line, you are not set up for success and potential opportunities to advance are minimal. If at all possible. The bonuses are a joke and unless you are in leadership, you are never recognized for your hard work. I made excellent friends during my time with KF but that is my best take away."

Global Talent Attraction Manager, R&D/Corporate (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management especially on the RPO side. Never listened to what was really going on yet continued to shove their process down our throats even though it was unsuccessful"

Recruitment Consultant (Former Employee) says

"While there are good resources available and some very decent people working at KF, the overall feeling of the place is politically charged and competitive in a bad way."

Contract Senior Recruiter supporting Cummins (Former Employee) says

"No communication. No Training. No support. I would not recommend Korn Ferry. They treat people with no regard or respect. They do not align folks with their expertise. I owner my own agency for 16 years small nothing to compare to Korn Ferry I treated people with respect. I was very surprised by the way the RPO was run."

Senior Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"this is a great company to bad such poor management. benefits are great on the expensive but good, so the compansate you with a bonus, but you never receive a raise. I have known of people there 5 years and no raises good luck with this placedecent pay and vacationmanagement is at a low level and nothing you can do to make it better"

Sr. Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"People don’t leave companies, they leave their Manager. Korn Ferry has turned into a Robert Half division-literally. Just a 3rd party agency with that feel to it. Just horrible."

Reporting - HR Analyst (Current Employee) says

"If you are a caucasian female and not qualified to do your job. This is the place for you. However, if you are great at what you do, then you will be criticized, critique, sabotaged and bullied. Team leaders that are unqualified to open an Excel spreadsheet are intimidated by quality analysts."

Associate Client Partner (Former Employee) says

"Meets client needs with off the shelf approaches. No original thinking based on unique client needs. Client management is based on who can sell the most not who has the knowledge/ experience most aligned to client needs. Salaries are below market and achieving goals is not aligned to receiving a bonus. Company is a a popularity contest. No professionalism, no respect encouragedNice looking office. Good IT support.Internally competitive, likes the next shiny object (new hires) then quickly discarded, lack of loyalty to experienced employees. Don’t have a bad month."

Analytics (Current Employee) says

"Initially I was very excited to work for Korn Ferry. I love to work independently, with no micromanagement. And for several months it was exactly what I was promised, what the company promised. Then things changed. Its exhausting, draining, our team in at the mercy of the PDs and PMs. No matter how many hours you work, the amount of flexibility you give this company, the proof of your work, it doesn't matter. You are disposable and replaceable. On top of slaving for the client you need to slave internally.Nice looking officeMicromanaging"

Recruiting Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"This is a sweatshop where you’re unappreciated and forced to work long long hours for the client. Management over promises, they don’t have really smart people running the company and overall it’s just a joke. Micromanaging, gossiping, lies, fake people, this place is pure garbage.Salary is comparable but not worth itManagement, benefits, hours, expectations"

Recruiter (Contract) says

"great brand, poor culture, poor pay, no advancement, just not a great place to work of advance your career. I would not recommend it for employees in the developmental phase."

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